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This year and the next will be important years for the future of life on Earth. All the governments of the world will come together to negotiate under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to agree on a Global Biodiversity Framework that will provide political commitments and guidelines to galvanize action for biodiversity from everyone.

Through the actions in this Roadmap, GYBN is empowering youth and aiming to bring their voices and priorities to relevant decision-making processes that address biodiversity, fulfilling its role as the youth constituency to the CBD.

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GYBN is coordinating a youth consultative process for the Post 2020 GBF both online (online survey and virtual consultations), and in-person (National and international consultation events)  in order to gather perspectives and priorities of young people on biodiversity and its future.






Capacity building

Training programmes, materials, publications, and mentorship to help youth have a deeper understanding of biodiversity and to feel empowered to take action.


Online survey, virtual consultations and in-person national consultations to gather perspectives and priorities of young people about biodiversity and its future.


Youth advocacy initiatives comprised of meetings, events, and activities for the Post-2020 process as well as policy documents, position papers, and other materials showcasing the key priorities of the youth community for the future of biodiversity. 

Mobilization, actions and campaigns

Campaigns, actions on the ground, and partnerships around the world to further amplify the voices of the youth community and enhance the influence of the biodiversity agenda.

Roadmap 2020 Elements 3.png

Biodiversity is the web of life, biodiversity is the solution

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Capacity Building Workshop

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Online Survey

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How to get engaged with the GYBN Youth Engagement Roadmap!


Information about Post-2020 and the GYBN Youth Engagement Roadmap

Roadmap 2020 Elements 3.png


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